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Komatsu PC220LC-8 Excavator
$52,500 USD
-Erops, -Tier III Engine, -10' Stick, -Wedgelock Quick Coupler, -31.5" Wide Shoes, -Overall Track Length 11'-6", -32'-10" Long, -10'-7" High, -11'-1" Wide, -Replace Undercarriage
Usage 10,404 Hours
Location USA, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-126990
Komatsu PC200LC-8 Excavator
$73,500 USD
-Erops, -Comes with hydraulic thumb
Usage 5,763 Hours
Location Orlando, Florida, US
Stock Number ZID-127477
Komatsu PC300LC-6 Excavator
$34,000 USD
-The excavator has a brand-new engine which was installed in March/18 -We are the first owners of the excavator.
Usage 23,000 Hours
Location Stamford, Connecticut, US
Stock Number ZID-127473
Komatsu PC400 Excavator
$32,500 USD
-Runs great, -Ready to work, -More Information Coming Soon.
Location Gainesboro, Tennessee, US
Stock Number ZID-127389
Caterpillar 330CL Excavator
$55,000 USD
-Good condition
Usage 10,900 Hours
Location Suwanee, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-127475
Link-Belt 350X3 Excavator
$45,000 USD
-Erops, -AC, -Auxiliary hydraulics, -Weak pump, -Needs sprockets, -Isuzu motor
Usage 10,400 Hours
Location San Antonio, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-127482
Caterpillar 330BL Excavator
$38,500 USD
-Erops, -Runs Good, -Videos available on request
Usage 17,000 Hours
Location Ocala, Florida, US
Stock Number ZID-127472
John Deere 200D LC Excavator
$79,750 USD
Usage 4,178 Hours
Location Nashville, Tennessee, US
Stock Number ZID-127439
Komatsu PC400LC-6 Excavator
$55,000 USD
- 13’-6” stick, - 36” track pads, - Cummins Diesel engine, - 48” bucket with new teeth, - New bottom, - This 400 is clean and tight ready to work
Usage 9,200 Hours
Location Seabrook, New Hampshire, US
Stock Number ZID-127340
Komatsu PC138US LC-10 Excavator
$90,750 USD
-C/W 36" G.P. Bucket, -8' Stick, -Rear View Camera, -Tier 4 Interim Put Through The Shop, -V-Good Condition, -OBO
Usage 2,500 Hours
Location Boise, Idaho, US
Stock Number ZID-127474
Hitachi EX200LC-5 Excavator
$25,000 USD
-Information Coming Soon
Usage 15,001 Hours
Location Arnold, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-127447
Caterpillar 320CL Excavator
$42,500 USD
-Erops, -Am Fm Radio, -Engine Enclosures, -Lighting, -Straight Travel Pedal, -Boom,1Piece, -ERA Label, -Pilot Control, -Undercarriage, Long, -Carbody, Standard, -Hand And Foot Control,...
Usage 9,233 Hours
Location Statesboro, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-127456
John Deere 200D LC Excavator
$92,500 USD
-Tight clean machine, -Comes with hydraulic thumb
Usage 4,500 Hours
Location Roberts, Idaho, US
Stock Number ZID-127470
Caterpillar 320CL Excavator
$59,950 USD
-Erops, -Coupler, -3rd Valve, -42" Db And 2 Over 3 Grapple, -40% Bottom, -Full Cab, -A/C And Heat
Usage 4,500 Hours
Location Chelmsford, Massachusetts, US
Stock Number ZID-127461
Caterpillar 320BL Excavator
$35,000 USD
-Erops, -Very clean
Usage 9,646 Hours
Location Arnold, South Dakota, US
Stock Number ZID-127457
Caterpillar 320BL Excavator
$32,000 USD
-Alarm, Travel, -Bucket, 42" 1.25 Cyd Cat (Hd), -Cab,With Polycarbonate Windows, -Control, Fine Swing, -Cooling, High Ambient 125f, -Emission Package, -Guard, Bottom,Heavy Duty, -Guard,...
Usage 16,442 Hours
Location Florence, South Carolina, US
Stock Number ZID-127452
Caterpillar 325BL Excavator
$28,750 USD
Usage 10,000 Hours
Location Boston, Massachusetts, US
Stock Number ZID-125490
Caterpillar 336DL Excavator
$109,000 USD
Usage 7,900 Hours
Location Austin, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-127342
Hitachi ZX350LC-5 Excavator
$80,000 USD
-Aux Hydraulics, -One owner, -GP bucket
Usage 9,320 Hours
Location Arnold, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-127448
Caterpillar 329DL Excavator
$79,000 USD
-Erops, -Information coming soon
Usage 11,643 Hours
Location Austin, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-127147
Caterpillar 320CL Excavator
$49,500 USD
-Information Coming Soon
Usage 11,000 Hours
Location Waco, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-127442
Hitachi ZX450 Excavator
$72,000 USD
-Cab w/ AC, -Medium-Long Arm, -Standard Boom, -Wide Pads, -36" Pads, -60" bucket
Usage 12,191 Hours
Location Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, US
Stock Number ZID-127416
Caterpillar 320CL Excavator
$49,500 USD
-New Seat, -Crate Motor Done by Caterpillar Deal and Hydraulic pumps done around 5000-6000 ago, -Maintained and Owned by Large Owner Operated Company (Anything this Excavator Needed it...
Usage 20,000 Hours
Location Hartford, Connecticut, US
Stock Number ZID-127441
Case 9045B Excavator
$29,000 USD
- EROPS - U/C = 40% - GP Bucket - Ready to Work
Usage 14,650 Hours
Location Annapolis, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-112516
Hitachi ZX75 Excavator
$56,350 USD
Operators Station-Cab w/ AC, Arms-Long Arm, Tracks-Rubber Pads, Pad Size-20" Pads, Attachments-Hydraulic Thumb
Usage 4,000 Hours
Location Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, US
Stock Number ZID-127413