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Caterpillar D11T Dozer
$110,250 USD
-Erops, -SS ripper, -U- Blade w/tilt, -Still running good
Usage 12,849 Hours
Location Canada, Alberta, CA
Stock Number ZID-130485
Caterpillar D5K2 LGP Dozer
Call for price
-Information coming soon, -Photos coming soon
Usage 7,114 Hours
Location Richmond, Virginia, US
Stock Number ZID-130486
Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
Call for price
Usage 1,404 Hours
Location USA, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-130484
Caterpillar D6R Dozer

1998 Caterpillar D6R Dozer

$55,000 USD
to rent
-Orops, -Original Hours, -24" pads, -SU blade, -No leaks, -No issues, -Runs perfect, -New UC with ~80%+ remaining, -New fan and radiator, -Plumbed for ripper, -Videos Available upon...
Usage 6,763 Hours
Location Lucedale, Mississippi, US
Stock Number ZID-130471
Caterpillar D9N Dozer
$68,000 USD
-Ms Ripper One Shank, -U Blade In Excellent Condition, -Had New Rebuilt Engine 200 Hours Ago, -Undercarriage 65 To 70% New, -Hours not verified - Functioning A/C
Location Canada, Nova Scotia, CA
Stock Number ZID-130483
Caterpillar D8T Dozer
$205,000 USD
-Cab W/ Heat & Ac, -Su Blade Ripper Pads At 80%, -Remaining Uc At 30%, -Replaced Dpf Filter .
Usage 10,265 Hours
Location Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US
Stock Number ZID-130423
Caterpillar D6R XL Dozer
$40,825 USD
-O/Rops, -Excellent U/C 90%
Usage 12,000 Hours
Location Austin, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-130057
Caterpillar D6H Dozer
Call for price
-Orops, -Information coming soon
Usage 6,100 Hours
Location Topeka, Kansas, US
Stock Number ZID-130409
Caterpillar D7G Dozer
$48,875 USD
-Erops, -Strong Undercarriage, -Straight Blade, Winch, -Good Running Unit
Usage 4,417 Hours
Location Columbia, South Carolina, US
Stock Number ZID-130408
Caterpillar D7G Dozer
$35,000 USD
-Runs and operates well, -Transmission shifts through all gears Steers well
Location Albany, New York, US
Stock Number ZID-130410
Caterpillar D6N LGP Dozer
$82,500 USD
-Erops, -6 way blade, -70% undercarriage, -Clean cab w/ AC, -Winch
Usage 4,200 Hours
Location Des Moines, Iowa, US
Stock Number ZID-130349
Caterpillar D10N Dozer
$115,000 USD
-D10N comes from a very good home .. -Have been well maintained -Working in Bentonite, – very forgiving material -8,949 hrs. on Rebuilt Engine, Transmission, Torque converter, Final drives,...
Usage 7,669 Hours
Location Cheyenne, Wyoming, US
Stock Number ZID-130336
Caterpillar D10N Dozer
$148,000 USD
-This well-maintained machine is no longer needed -Multi-shank ripper may be replaced with a single shank if that option is desired -Crawler equipped with cushion dozer mounts for assisting...
Location Cheyenne, Wyoming, US
Stock Number ZID-130335
Komatsu D65PX-12 Dozer
$32,500 USD
-OROPS, -New radiator, -85% left on tracks, and extra set of pads will go with it -overall U/C at 75% remaining, -13' 4" blade, -50,000 lbs, - 36" pads
Usage 7,750 Hours
Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US
Stock Number ZID-130334
Caterpillar D6N Dozer
$57,500 USD
-Ripper not included, -Undercarriage minus rails/Engine/torque/ transmission/finals rebuilt at 8600 hrs in 2010, -MTO track groups rebuilt at 10,500 hrs in 2014, -Machine wiring harnesses...
Usage 15,700 Hours
Location UAS, Ohio, US
Stock Number ZID-130331
Caterpillar D8T Dozer
Call for price
-Erops, -Stick, -Radio, -R.O.P.S, -Air Cond, -Heat/Defrost
Usage 8,486 Hours
Location Springfield, Illinois, US
Stock Number ZID-130270
Caterpillar D9R Dozer
$67,500 USD
-Erops, -SU Blade, -Ripper, -U/C 50%
Location Little Rock, Arkansas, US
Stock Number ZID-130257
2017 Komatsu D65EX-18 Dozer
$144,500 USD
-TopCon ready,, -MS ripper,, -Cab/AC/Heat
Location New Braunfels, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-130066
1978 International TD15C Dozer
$19,500 USD
-205 hrs on meter, actual hours unkown, -Good running just came off job -Lots of new undercarriage rollers, -Has new injection pump and injectors, -Lots of new hydraulic hoses, -A...
Location Arnold, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-130359
Caterpillar D6R XL Dozer
$66,000 USD
-Photos Coming Soon , -Information Coming Soon
Usage 15,040 Hours
Location USA, Maryland, US
Stock Number ZID-130178
Caterpillar D7G Dozer
$52,500 USD
-Semi-U Dozer and Multi-Shank Ripper -Hours not verified, -Photos Coming Soon , -Information Coming Soon
Location Atlanta, Georgia, US
Stock Number ZID-129969
Caterpillar D9R Dozer
$189,000 USD
-SU Dozer & Multi-Shank Ripper With 2 Shanks, -Transmission & Torque Converter Bearing & Reseal 27,066 Hours, -Turned Pins & Bushings At 25,112 Hours, -Rebuild Steering Clutch & Brakes At 24...
Usage 27,075 Hours
Location Sacramento, California, US
Stock Number ZID-126982
Caterpillar D6H Dozer
$42,000 USD
-Brand new zero hour hydraulic pump installed (15K), -New Cat reman'd engine installed in 2009, less than 1000 hours (25K), -50% brand new pads, -1400 hour on undercarriage, -1400 hours on...
Usage 14,000 Hours
Location Canada, Manitoba, CA
Stock Number ZID-130036
Caterpillar D6T XL Dozer
$90,200 USD
-SU dozer, -Hydraulic tilt, -Cat MS rear ripper,, -Diff-steer, -EROPS, -Rear cab screen, -Sweeps, -AC, -Heat
Usage 12,043 Hours
Location Austin, Texas, US
Stock Number ZID-130149
Caterpillar D8K Dozer
$39,000 USD
-E/Rops, -U/C 80%, -New Injectors, -New Rebuilt Head , -Year Not Verified, -Hours unknown, -Videos available on request
Location Frankfort, Kentucky, US
Stock Number ZID-128799