Zadoon is a proud member of the IEDA (Independent Equipment Dealers Association)

The Independent Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit trade association that promotes its members to earn the respect and trust of its clients through conducting business in the highest ethical manner. Members of the IEDA are committed to demonstrate leadership in the industry by making ethical decisions and sound judgment. Visit The IEDA Website

As a good standing member of the IEDA Zadoon strives to:

  • Honor all commitments and guarantees.
  • Make accurate claims to our customers.
  • Resolve any disputes in a fair and expedient manner
  • Invest in and serve the industry with a passion and pursue excellence and innovations in everything we do.

The IEDA was established in 2002 and has become a unified and powerful voice within the industry and Zadoon is proud to be a member!

We look forward to serving you!