Frequently Asked Buyer Questions

Can I Get An Inspection Report For A Piece Of Equipment?

Zadoon-25z25You can request an inspection report for any piece of equipment, completed by one of our professionally certified mechanics. The cost of the inspection will vary depending on the specific equipment and its location.

Can I Have My Own Mechanic Inspect The Equipment Or Inspect The Equipment Myself?

Zadoon-25z25Absolutely. Upon request, we will help coordinate an in-person inspection visit.

Is The Equipment For Sale On Guaranteed?

Zadoon-25z25All of our equipment is sold “as is”. You may inspect the equipment in person and/or request that an inspection be done by one of our professionally certified mechanics.

How Can I Pay For Equipment Purchases?

Zadoon-25z25A cash funds bank wire transfer is the most common method of payment. Letters of credit may also be used to make payment, provided the seller agrees with the L/C terms.

Are There Financing Options Available?

Zadoon-25z25Yes, click here for our financing options.

Do You Ship Equipment Overseas?

Zadoon-25z25Yes, we can provide expert assistance in the export process. Click here for more information on our transportation services.

How Much Do Your Transportation/Export Services Cost?

Zadoon-25z25Our export assistance is a free, no obligation service offered for all equipment purchased through us. Shipping costs will vary depending on departure/arrival locations, shipping weight and dimensions of the machine, and whether you prefer your machine to be shipped in a container or RoRo.

Frequently Asked Seller Questions

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Buy?

Zadoon-25z25Earth moving equipment, cranes, aggregate plants, you name it we buy it!

What Options Do You Offer For Helping Me Sell My Equipment?

Zadoon-25z25CASH OFFER – Our “Cash Offer” option is the fastest and best option if you’re looking to sell your equipment mmediately. We’ll inspect your machine and make you a cash offer based on our industry experience and current market prices of similar machines.

Zadoon-25z25CONSIGNMENT – Our consignment option allows you to continue using the machine as we are finding the right buyer. We’ll do a targeted full-court press marketing campaign and push your machine to thousands of prospects all over the world, including international equipment buyers, brand name authorized dealers, and contractors.

How Will You Pay Me For My Machine?

Zadoon-25z25Whether it’s $30,000 or $300,000, we will pay you the full lump sum via cash wire transfer from our bank account directly to yours.

After Payment Are You Going To Leave The Machine In My Yard Or Move It Away?

Zadoon-25z25It is up to you. If you are open to us storing it at your yard we will be happy to pay you a fair monthly rent. If not, we will be happy to move it.

Are You Going To Show It To People Or Expect Me To Show It To People?

Zadoon-25z25Depending on the storage arrangements and the locations, we will make advance arrangements for showing the equipment. If you are willing and if it is necessary, we would hope to make it fair to both parties. However, at the end of the day, you are obviously under no obligation to show the equipment.